7.17.15 Tokyo Jazz Joints – New Show Coming August 1


Having admired the spirit and work of Irish photographer Philip Arneill for two decades now, it’s with the greatest pleasure that we announce the upcoming arrival of Tokyo Jazz Joints, Arneill’s poetic exploration (created in collaboration with writer James Catchpole) of the largely hidden, magical world of Tokyo’s jazz bars and jazz “kissa,”  – the tiny club-like cafes, ubiquitous in the 1950s but maintaining vitality today, where music enthusiasts drink coffee or beer and listen for hours to voluminous collections of rare American and European jazz on vinyl.  The show is scheduled to open Saturday, August 1, with a reception at the gallery from 5-7pm.  Artist will be present.

6.14.15 The Artist is a Present


Thank you, Vanessa Saft, for doing this thing you do!


I Cannot Get You Close Enough is UP!! Come one and all to the gallery and see!  Party posts, current show page and #Icannotgetyoucloseenough feed info… coming soon.

11.16.14 PARTY TIME – Diorama Show opening will be December 5th 6-8pm

Hello art people.  So, you knew it was coming – the 2014 Diorama Show opening: December 5th from 6-8pm.  Three weeks from now.  The opening will take place in tandem with the “Downtown Unwrapped” night in NP.  We think they plan to close our street and make a real party of it, so get ready.

For those of you who’ve been contemplating joining this year – do it.  We pushed the submission deadline as much as we can to accommodate a few extra work days after Thanksgiving.  We want pieces in-gallery by December 1 – email us if you need a little encouragement.

2014 Diorama Show Muse #2 – here’s another beautiful little story in paper.  We love this for so many reasons we may not be able to list them all.  For one, it would have been great in our 2012 Mystery show.  The piece is part of a 10 part series of book sculptures that piece by piece mysteriously and quietly appeared in libraries and other cultural institutions in Edinburgh b/w 2011-2013.  The artist remains anonymous today, despite the fact that the series garnered quite a lot of attention and eventually became a touring show in support of libraries.  The piece below is of particular interest to us in that it celebrates Lanark by the great Alasdair Gray.

The "Lanark"/Alasdair Gray piece, by Anonymous

The “Lanark”/Alasdair Gray piece, by Anonymous

10.16.14 CALL FOR ENTRIES the 2014 Diorama Show – Time

Ryoanji from the Great Wall Project series by Guy Laramee

Ryoanji, from the Great Wall Project series by Guy Laramee

YES!!! TLRH is very pleased to announce the theme for our fourth annual Diorama show, and that theme is Time.  All dioramas must be meditations on said theme.  As always, you may approach literally, figuratively or both.  We ask only that you do the work WITHOUT THE USE OF CLOCK IMAGERY.

We welcome submissions from all artists, schooled/unschooled,  local and afar.

The dioramas may be made from anything, including paper, wood, and mixed-media, and may range in scale from the tiniest-possible, to 2′x2′x2′.  No limit of entries per person. Selections will be juried by the TLRH staff.  We’ll display the selected dioramas in our gallery in New Paltz, and photos of the selections will appear online at our website.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Please email a photo of your piece to tlrh@team-love.com on or before Monday, December 1.  If you plan to ship the piece it will need to arrive in the first week of December, so apply early please.  For those of you who aren’t into e-mailing photos, swing on by the gallery.  We’ll notify selected artists within a few days.  We strongly encourage early submissions, they have a far greater chance of getting into our press materials for the show.

OPENING PARTY: We will host an opening party in early December, date TBA.

We’ll post inspirational images to encourage you along the way.  The above image is from a piece by the one and only Guy Laramee – get into it.  And happy dreaming people, can’t wait to see your work.

9.19.14 Announcing Rachel Blumberg’s I Dreamt You Were a Horseshoe Crab

Dear Readers, we are so happy to be back, and to announce our upcoming show, Rachel Blumberg‘s I Dreamt You Were a Horseshoe Crab, to open at the gallery Friday, October 10th.  Rachel is a multifaceted, multitalented artist we’ve known and loved for years, and we can’t wait to get this show on our walls. Here’s a sneak peek, with a promise for more in the upcoming weeks.


Show description: Rachel Blumberg has been asking herself why we make art. In an era of information bombardment that tends to spotlight humankind’s proclivity toward the horrific and destructive, she’s compelled to make things, ask questions, create space. Her work explores sad beauties as well as the fantastical and magical. She describes her intention as “scratching away at the mysteries and meaning of life, uncovering them from every possible angle.” Blumberg’s work frequently springs from her own personal narrative, that of a second-generation immigrant family of artists and musicians. With I Dreamt You Were a Horseshoe Crabshe delves deep into a broader framework, inspired by Jewish folk tales, Hans Christian Andersen, her travels in Europe and the New England Sea coast, and the very immediate realities around her, such as the music in her headphones, or a daily visit from the red crested woodpecker in her backyard.

The show will feature a series of watercolor, gouache, acrylic and pen and ink paintings and collages on paper, and found object and painted paper dioramas made in tiny boxes.

7.3.14 Concept Mapping project Systems: Tree

TLRH would like to thank Andrea Frank, Neil Pederson, Ashley Sapir Lathrop, John Thompson, and all of the inspiring community members who came together to talk about the complex dynamics of trees and our relationship to the forest.  It was a gathering of all types of data collectors/processors, from the symbolic to the biological, and was truly a confluence of diverse perspectives.  More photos to come…photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

6.12.14 Experimental Mapping at the Gallery – Wednesday July 2nd, 6PM

invite draft

Team Love RavenHouse and artist Andrea Frank invite you to an evening of conversation and experimental mapping inspired by Andrea’s current exhibition, Systems: Tree. The images of Systems: Tree, including a 13 foot log photographed at nearby Mohonk Preserve, will serve as a jumping-off point for a roundtable conversation about forest complexity. We will look at how intricately interrelated the different parts of the forest ecosystem are, what we can learn from it, and what challenges we and the forest are facing. As the conversation evolves all participants will be invited to trace emerging ideas and interrelations through a collaborative, exploratory drawing/concept map.

A number of invited participants will offer their perspectives–John Thompson, Director of Conservation Science at the Daniel Smiley Research Center of the Mohonk Preserve; New Paltz-based herbalist Ashley Sapir Lathrop; and Neil Pederson, Lamont Assistant Research Professor at the Tree Ring Laboratory of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Columbia University–and all guests are invited to actively participate in the conversation.

Locally foraged/sourced snacks will be served.

Note: What is experimental mapping?  We at TLRH celebrate the endless possibilities off expressing in map form where we’ve been, where we are and where we hope or fear we may end up.  The more we look into experimental mapping, the more diversity we find in this boundless realm of cartographic exploration.  Maria Popova of Brain Pickings defines experimental mapping succinctly as the “elusive intersection of the traditional and the experimental, where artists explore the map medium as a conceptual tool of abstract representation.” Check our blog for inspirational posts leading up to our July 2nd evening.


6.7.14 A perfect day

Some like it hot but we’ll take it just like this – “Open” flag lofting in the gentle breeze, 79º in the sun.  Perfect.  Come and sit with Andrea Frank’s Systems: Tree before heading out into the forest to breathe in the real thing.

Also – a note of thanks to Dean Engle for pulling together that June 6th lineup: Flashlight O, Whatever DadJake Lazovick, Dave Benton and Mike Caridi from the label Double Double Whammy, (performing as LVL UP),  and NP’s own Quarterbacks.  Was a superfun night at the gallery.  You guys are just great.  Big love.