4.15.14 Systems: Tree to open May 10

_MG_8776postcard2-greyTeam Love RavenHouse Gallery is proud to present Systems: Tree by Andrea Frank, an installation from the artist’s ongoing Systems series.  Deeply troubled by the accelerating deterioration of our living world, Frank works with a wide range of media and strategies to explore the complex, dynamic systems running through our natural and man-made environments, and our seeming inability to see or even comprehend these systems as a whole.  In Systems: Tree, a study of regional forests, she visually represents complexity and change through large digitally collaged panoramas.  She began photographic research for this project in the summer of 2013, and has since experimented with different shooting and collaging techniques.  She has expanded her subjects from a range of forest scenes to include decaying logs, burnt forest areas, and old-growth forests. Working directly on the prints, Frank uses black, white, or gray paint to partially block out certain areas in the image, thereby isolating and exposing others, in an effort to look, in new and interesting ways, at something infinitely complex and continuously and dynamically changing.  She is accumulating a vast visual archive for the Systems series, which eventually will span all seasons and changes in particular locations.

Systems: Tree is comprised of several large-scale digitally collaged and manually altered panoramic images ranging in size up to 13 feet long.  The installation will be on view at Team Love RavenHouse Gallery from May 10th-June 29th.  Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, May 10th from 6-8pm.



4.7.14 The Untold Open

TLRH wants to thank the artists and all the many people who came out to celebrate the Untold opening this Friday.  It was good to get back in the swing of things after a few months hibernating time.  Spring is indeed here.

The show will be up for a month.  Make an appointment anytime or swing by during our open hours, Fri-Sun, 12-5.

photo by Autumn Seguin

photo by Autumn Seguin

3.25.14 The Untold: a group show in April

TLRH is deeply appreciative of being in a college town, and we’ve long wanted to celebrate the diversity and energy that our local SUNY students bring to life in the store and gallery.  It was therefore with great delight that we entered a conversation with a group of students who were seeking exhibition space off-campus.

"Father & Mother" by Alessandra Varilias, 2014.

“Father & Mother” etching, drypoint and Chine collé print by Alessandra Varilias, 2014.

Team Love RavenHouse gallery presents The Untold, a works on paper show by five graduate and undergraduate students from the printmaking department at SUNY New Paltz.  Curated by the students themselves, the show features 10 Chine collé intaglio prints, all utilizing the same materials, and all on paper measuring 11″ x 14.”  The show opens Friday April 4th and will be up through Sunday, May 4th.

The Untold examines distinct accounts of the hidden worlds within us all.  Why do we suppress certain aspects of our lives?  What is lost or forgotten when we obscure our feelings or ideas, under the scrutiny of those around us? Does one layer of our identity hold more value than another? Could the surface exist without that which lies underneath?

Printmaking is a process of layering and repetition.  Layers mask what came before, hiding parts in order to highlight others.  In the studio we layer until we achieve a surface we’re ready to present.  The face of the print is our story – what we hide and omit remains untold.  Through personal narratives and honest imagery, The Untold lets the viewer in, celebrating what lies beneath.

Opening party (Friday April 4th) details soon.

12.14.13 The Show Goes ON!

Hello friends, yes we have snow, and yes we will open the Diorama show tonight.  Our only change is that we will open earlier.  For those who can make it, see you at 5pm.

We plan to be there tomorrow and the show will be up through January, so please only drive on safe and salty roads!!

11.21.13 Tiny Worlds of Darkness and Light – the Opening Party

Most of the dioramas have come in (a few still on their way) and they are just as dark and light and beautiful as we hoped.  We cannot wait to show them to you.  This post is to announce the opening night party will be Saturday, December 14th from 6-8pm.  Invitation to follow, soon.  In the meantime, we’re extending our currency show into that first week in December, so come on down to see it while it’s up, through the 8th of December, and get in on Todd Martin’s exchange project, free participation to all.

If you are reading this and missed the deadline but would like to participate in our diorama show, please contact us, we realize this is a busy time of year, and may be able to make arrangements…

10.17.13 diorama muse #2

Diorama makers: Pretty much anything by Gregory Euclide should get you going. Look at these images from his 2011 “otherworldly: optical delusions and small realities” show at the Museum of Arts and Design in NY.



and as a reminder, today is a tiny bit less than one month until our November 15th submission deadline. those who submit early have a better chance of getting into our publicity materials!

10.16.13 Announcing Currency: An Exchange

The Devourer II by Curtis Readel

The Devourer II by Curtis Readel

TLRH would like to announce our next show, Currency: An Exchange, guest curated by Dylan McManus.  The show will be up November 2nd – December 1, with an opening reception at the gallery Saturday November 2nd from 6-8pm. The show, featuring work from Curtis Readel, Todd Martin, Molly Rausch and Dylan McManus, takes an intimate look at society’s relationship with currency and the varying degrees of symbolic and literal power currency wields.  We will feature a weekly performance piece by Todd Martin, in which he invites all members of the community to bring legal tender to his artist’s bank, where we will manipulate it on the spot to be reintroduced into the local community.

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10.12.13 “Bartering the Art of Medicine for the Medicine of Art” – Gallery open by appointment today

We will be open by appointment only this morning and later this afternoon, in support of visiting the O Positive Festival in neighboring Kingston, NY.  For those who don’t know, O Positive is in the third year of a pretty amazing endeavor, ”a grassroots, band-aid solution to inaccessible healthcare for the creative community” – check it out here. We are particularly excited about seeing Kris Perry‘s machine in action at 1pm in the secret huge old theater behind BSP Lounge in uptown Kingston. abstractleanweb-1